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About Me

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My name is Shakila Suleiman

I have 17 years of experience in the financial services industry. I started my insurance career by working in life
insurance and asset accumulation; minimizing the risk of premature death and wealth preservation. I shifted my career into Health Insurance 8 years ago and it’s been very rewarding. I get satisfaction from knowing I put a
person or a business in a better place.


While most people view health insurance as protecting against “catastrophic” I educate my clients about the
importance of taking preventative measures and maintaining their bodies before something major happens.
We are required to carry home and car insurance but why isn’t health insurance as much of a priority? Many small business go without insuring themselves because of the cost. We don’t wait until our cars break down to take them to the repair shop, we don’t ignore the “check engine” lights, why shouldn’t we do the same with our health?

I come from a place of purpose, integrity and commitment to my client first. I have had thousands of clients file
claims and there is no greater satisfaction than knowing they will be taken care of if they get hurt, sick or injured.

My Pledge


-My knowledge, commitment, and top ranked products will provide you the best protection for one of the largest expenses.

-I am hard working, entrepreneurial, ethical, and a driven achiever with a desire to deliver the best possible customer healthcare experience I can.

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