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What is the difference between the Private Healthcare plans vs. the Marketplace, Obamacare,Employer plans, and COBRA?

The Marketplace/ACA is major medical coverage that you cannot be denied for due to any pre-existing conditions. It is most affordable if you get your monthly premium subsidized by the government. If you don’t get the subsidy, the plans are a lot more expensive than private options.

Employer plans are typically very affordable for the employee because the employer pays a big portion of the premium. However, when you start adding family members to the plan, the premium starts skyrocketing!

COBRA plans are offered through your employer if you leave your job. Your employer will provide you an extension of your existing health coverage for another 18 months. The coverage will kick in right away however, it will be very expensive because your employer stops paying their portion.

Private insurance is health based so you have to qualify for the plans. The healthier you are, the better the rates. Individuals with pre-existing conditions can also be covered by private plans but the rates are not as favorable as healthy applicants

By enrolling in a healthcare plan with you, am I locked into a year long commitment?

No, you are not locked into a certain length of time.  You have them for a s long as you need or until age 65 when Medicare kicks in.

Do I have to wait until Open Enrollment to sign up for private plans?

No, you can sign up for private insurance year-round.

What products are available?

We have Medical/Health, Dental, Vision, Life, Supplemental, Critical Illness, Income Protector. I also
have partners who can assist with any other insurance services you may need!

Will these plans cover me anywhere I go?

Absolutely! We provide Nationwide PPO plans you can use anywhere in the country! Most marketplace
plans are HMO or EPO’s and are much more restrictive.

Are there any up front fees or costs associated with exploring my healthcare options?

No upfront fees!  I am here to share my expertise and be your personal guide in understanding your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

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